Operations Coordinator - Amazon Frontlines

Amazon Frontlines (amazonfrontlines.org) is a U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in the Ecuadorian Amazon that works alongside Indigenous Peoples to advance indigenous rights and autonomy, defend indigenous rainforest territories and cultures, and protect some of the most biodiverse rainforest on Earth.

The Position: Operations Coordinator

Your job is to take our admin game to the next level by applying your creative and efficient organizational skills to support an urgent cause. Along with a strong background in admin and operations, you will be flexible, bilingual (Spanish/English), and tech savvy. Your main mission will be to provide consistent, high-quality support to our daily operations and keep the gears of Amazon Frontlines moving across many vital areas. You’ll thrive off organization and innovation and relish exploring new ways to improve our workflows and support our teams. You’ll build strong working relationships within the AF team and with Indigenous partner organizations in the Western Amazon, and be an important bridge connecting people across the organization.

This is a chance to be at the center of a dynamic and passionate multicultural network of people who are deeply invested in the fight to protect the Amazon, Indigenous cultures, and our global climate. You should be committed to supporting a successful grassroots movement based on hard work, humility, mutual respect and honest partnership. This job is a great fit for someone who can quickly learn the way it’s been done before, while always looking for a way to do it better next time.

This full-time position will be based in Ecuador, and regular travel within Ecuador will be required, including to our headquarters in Lago Agrio. More extensive travel to Lago Agrio will be required in the first six months as you get up to speed.

The Ideal Candidate

You’ll likely have a solid admin background you’ve honed at a non-governmental organization (NGO) or other professional setting, and you’ll have experience providing jack-of-all-trades support to a dynamic team. You’ll be organized, creative, and have an eagle eye for detail, and will be a dependable resource and communicator within our team. You’ll also be tech-savvy and bilingual in Spanish and English.

You’ll be supported and work closely with the Director of Finance and Operations (DFO) and other Operations colleagues, but you’ll also need to be proactive in managing your workflows, particularly because the DFO is based in California. You’ll need to be a self-starter and able to keep tasks moving through the organization even when it feels like you’re pushing uphill.

Basic Responsibilities:

  • Admin Support. You’ll be the point person for admin and accounting support to teams, partners, and vendors. You’ll draft agreements and contracts (in English and Spanish), prep payment requests for processing, and coordinate with counterparts at partner orgs. You’ll be a crucial link, so you’ll need attention to detail and a problem-solving mindset.
  • Equipment. You’ll keep our team provisioned with the gear they need, including computers, software, and field supplies. You’ll also be the first line of support for basic tech needs and will orient staff to our platforms (Google Workspace, Office, Divvy, etc).
  • Facilities. You’ll play a key role in keeping our physical spaces working for everyone. That includes assisting with lease renewals, maintenance requests, and keeping the wifi online. To be effective, you’ll collaborate closely with partners in shared office spaces.
  • Safety. Contribute to the safety of our team by working with DFO and others to implement our security and safety framework and manage related systems and equipment. You may also serve as an emergency point of contact for staff in the field.

 Essential Requirements:

  • This position will require significant administrative chops. You should have at least 2 years of professional experience and a robust understanding of standard administrative functions at a nongovernmental organization.
  • Your team will rely on you for honest and reliable written and in-person communication.
  • This role involves working closely with an incredibly diverse group. You’ll need to be able to integrate an awareness and sensitivity to the needs and concerns of individuals from varying cultures and backgrounds into your work.
  • People will depend on the work that you’ll accomplish in this role, so you’ll need to stay organized, prioritize, plan, and solve problems as you go. We’ll be looking for a track record of follow through and effective task management in a professional setting.
  • AF is a multilingual team. To be effective in your role, you’ll need to be bilingual in both English and Spanish and able to communicate at a high level in both. You may also be asked to translate documents or assist with translation in small, non-public meetings.
  • This role will require some travel, typically within Ecuador. Opportunities will also be provided for you to travel into the rainforest to get to know partner communities. There will also be times you’ll need to work outside normal business hours.

How to Apply:

Please send a one-page cover letter describing how your experience and skills apply to this role, along with a resume here>>

Amazon Frontlines offers equal opportunity and will not tolerate discrimination based on race, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, disability, ethnic origin, nationality, marital status, or any other legally protected status or classification.

We cannot protect the climate or stop the extinction crisis if we don’t protect the Amazon rainforest.