Solar Systems

Environmental Monitoring

Indigenous Rights Defenders

Territorial Mapping

Minga of Reflection and Resistance

Siona Survival: “We want peace, not oil.”

Ñakoa Ëko


Ñumi & Kuujima’ña



Secoya: The People of Many Colors

#LessOilMoreWater in the Amazon

Water Unites Us

The Ceibo Alliance

The Ceibo Alliance in Bioneers

Summary of 2018

2019: Looking Forward

Kofan, the People

Sinangoe: Defending A’i Kofan Ancestral Territory

Stand with Sinangoe

Sinangoe’s Victory

Waorani, The People

A Journey for Clean Water with the Waorani People

Waorani Resistance

The Waorani’s Historic Fight Against An Oil Auction

Waorani People Launch Historic Lawsuit

Waorani women suspend court hearing by singing

Standing Up for Indigenous Rights

Stand with Waorani

Wildlife: White-lipped Peccary

Wildlife: Bush Dog

Wildlife: Grey-winged Trumpeter

Wildlife: The Giving Tree

Wildlife: Jaguar

Indigenous Life is at Stake