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August 2018 /

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The Amazon rainforest, according to climate-simulation models, could become savannah by the end of this century if current climate patterns and deforestation rates continue unchecked. The territory of the Amazon’s indigenous peoples – roughly 1.4 million square miles, larger than the area of Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, and the UK combined – is some of the most biodiverse primary rainforest on our planet. It is also some of the most threatened. Often the road ends where indigenous territory begins.

On World Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we share a video from our Amazonian partners at the indigenous-led Ceibo Alliance, who are working to safeguard a way of life that protects our planet.

Indigenous peoples have been ardent caretakers of the Amazon for thousands of years, yet the world is only now beginning to recognize the importance of supporting indigenous peoples in the protection and conservation of their lands. Are we really going to let our society’s demand for low cost hardwood furniture, gasoline and beef destroy the lungs of the Earth and its ancient cultures?

On World Indigenous Peoples Day, support the people fighting to defend the Amazon.